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Life Is Beautiful. Don't Miss It!

Does your day-to-day way of life feel more like a burden than a blessing?

Are you feeling weighed down by shoulds, to-dos, and the chaos of multiple demands on your time, energy, and attention? By the stress of being over-committed and the constant fear of dropping balls or missing deadlines? By the sense that life is coming at you so fast that there's no time left to enjoy it?

There's another way of operating, and deep down you know it.

You know that the life you were meant to live has time for YOU in it.

Time to reconnect with your deepest self. Time to pursue your heartfelt passions. Time to enjoy the blessings of being alive.

You CAN reclaim your beautiful life. Here's how...

There's a Solution

Over the last 15 years, I've helped countless people tame the chaos. And most importantly, I've shown them how to reconnect with themselves in a way that offers the wisdom and personal power they need in order to create the lives they want.

I'm Elaine Kiziah. And I teach a path that allows you to...

Manage Your Self

  • Discover your unique human qualities and how to work with them instead of against them.
  • Find time and space for self-care, even if you think it's not possible.
  • Sidestep procrastination and burnout by changing how you motivate yourself.


​​​​Manage Your Environment

  • Gain insight into the hidden ways your social and physical environments are impacting you.
  • Empower yourself with courage (and skills) to "change the things you can".
  • Create a nurturing workspace and other supports for operating at your best.


​​​​Manage Your Tasks

  • Simplify your life by focusing in on what matters most.
  • Gain the clarity and perspective that transforms chaos into joyful ease.
  • Discover simple tricks for streamlining how you operate so you can get a better return on your investments of time, energy, and attention.


Live Your Beautiful Life

  • Grow your wisdom and well-being with each passing day.
  • Invest your time, energy, and attention in ways that feel meaningful and enriching.
  • Ground yourself in a deep sense of worthiness and purpose as you go about your life.


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5 Steps to Eliminating Overwhelm

When your to-do list feels a mile long and your head won't stop spinning, it can be hard to break the cycle. These five strategies will help you find ways to gain perspective, reduce your workload, and lower your stress levels. With each strategy, I've included a brief journaling prompt to help you apply it.

Let's Get Started

I've spent the last two decades sifting through mounds of information — about time management, personal productivity, positive psychology, human motivation, and more — and boiling it down into to a simple framework that you can apply in your life.

Here's how you can access and use what I've learned...

  • Overwhelm Worksheet If you haven't already, download my "5 Steps to Eliminating Overwhelm" worksheet. It's a great place to start if you're feeling too overloaded to dig in with the other resources here.
  • Blog / Online Journal Here's where you can find helpful articles, plus excerpts and insights drawn from my personal journal — shared in a way that helps you apply these universal lessons in your own life. Click here to start reading.
  • Workshops and Retreats Join me in Richmond, Virginia for an in-person session. (See my list of upcoming workshops or learn about my "Creating Your Beautiful Life" Soulful Time Management Retreat.) Or bring me to your group instead.
  • Coaching Get one-on-one, individualized support for creating your beautiful life. Click here for more info.
  • "Joybook" Life Learning Community COMING SOON! Joybook is a supportive online community and learning space. Grab your journal and come discover a soulful approach to managing your time and creating your Beautiful Life. Click here to learn more and to sign up to get notified when it launches.

Looking for something specific? Get in touch to share your questions, suggestions, or a little something about yourself and how I might be helpful to you.

About Elaine

Few things feel more meaningful to me than the question of how we will each spend our precious time on this earth — and the question of what it looks like to live YOUR beautiful life. Not someone else's idea of how you should live. Instead, a life that feels authentically yours.

Even more, though, I love this work because of people like YOU.

I'm moved and honored by the chance to get to know the beautiful souls who choose to work with me. And I'm so touched that I get to walk with them on this journey of transformation.

My husband, Bob, loves to remind me of the time one of my former students ran up to us on the street to say — "Your class was the best one I've ever taken! It changed my life." — and then jogged off again. Bob was floored by that experience. I treasure that memory too, but I also cherish the quieter moments when I see tears of relief in someone's eyes, or when I hear the excitement behind their words as they describe an important change they've made.

That's the real reason why I do what I do. It's about love. Love of life, and love for my precious companions on this journey. (That means you!)

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

— Mary Oliver

That's the big "WHY" that drives me.

Here's more about me and what I bring...

  • My name. It’s easier than it looks. Kiziah is pronounced “kiz-EYE-uh”. But you don’t need to worry about it. Call me Elaine, okay?
  • Psychology. I have a doctorate in counseling psychology. That doesn’t mean I “analyze” everyone I meet. (In fact, it’s been many years since I practiced therapy.) But it does mean that I’m very attuned to how our inner lives impact our outer lives — and to the fact that we need to have a good relationship with ourselves if we want to live a good life. It also means I bring knowledge about topics like motivation, personality, social psychology, and well-being, as well as a tendency to look to the research literature for help with solving everyday problems.
  • Spirituality. I’m fascinated by life’s bigger questions and drawn to experiences that bring me in closer contact with the sacred (and in community with others who are seeking the same thing). From my days as an undergraduate philosophy major to my two decades as a leadership and organizational development consultant, there’s always been a spiritual core to what I do. Sometimes it’s been pretty hidden, though. So after doing some deep thinking about myself and my life, I decided to “come out” about this and put it front and center in my work. I also joined the faculty at the Chrysalis Institute, where I facilitate a 6-month spiritual development program, among other things.
  • Journaling. Writing in my journal has been an important practice for my whole adult life, but I’ve been really leaning into it for the last several years. It’s become a core spiritual practice for me. I use it in my work, as a way to solve problems or germinate ideas. And, of course, it’s a powerful way to tend and nurture my relationship with myself. I’ve been learning lots about how to use this tool — through examining my own practice and through my studies at the Therapeutic Writing Institute. And more and more, I’ve been bringing those learnings back to my clients and students — because journaling is a potent tool for managing your life in a soulful, self-nurturing way.
  • Process. I’m a total process geek. I love a good time management tool or a clever productivity system. That’s why this life management topic is such a great fit for me — it’s where my soulful side meets my inner geek. What that means for you is that you get support with the whole spectrum of managing your life. Many time/life management approaches ignore the human side of this topic, and are therefore doomed to fail for many (if not most) of us. But good processes and systems DO matter. They just need to be built on the right foundation and designed in a way that fits who we are.
  • Teaching. As an award-winning trainer, I love sharing what I’ve learned so that other people can use it to make their lives better. But don’t look for me to do a lot of “pontificating”. My teaching approach is much more about sharing valuable nuggets, offering a few examples, and then creating and facilitating experiences that help my students apply those nuggets of wisdom in their own lives. If you attend one of my workshops or join my online learning community, that’s what you can expect.
  • I’ve been there. I can remember what it feels like to be overwhelmed by my life, to put external demands before my own needs, and to feel disconnected from my deepest self. And I’ve seen the same things take a major toll on the people I love. That’s no way to live life. But I can tell you from experience that it’s possible to turn things around. I’ve done it. You can do this too.
  • Imperfection. I confess to being a recovering perfectionist. I also confess to being a human being and, like you, gorgeously flawed and imperfect. I’ve come a long way with all of this but, also like you, I’m a work in progress. If you’ve come here looking for the super woman / super man fantasy — the idea that you can do it all and transform yourself into a person who will never again make a mistake — or if you’ve come here thinking that’s who I am — then you’ve come to the wrong place, my friend. This is a space to support genuine human beings in the ongoing journey of living into our potential — and learning to enjoy our lives along the way.

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