People who know me today would never have guessed...

Hi! I'm Elaine Kiziah. :) 

Ask people who know me now, and they'll describe me as happy, warm, organized, accomplished — and someone with a deep sense of purpose.

If they could have seen me 30 years ago, though, they wouldn't have recognized me.

Fresh out of college in my first attempt at an "adult" life, I fell into a deep depression... 

My job felt meaningless. I was disconnected from other people. I struggled to find pleasure in my day-to-day activities. And I was overwhelmed by my responsibilities, with no useful plan or system for making progress.

I've come a long way since then. 

(In fact, my life today feels like the complete opposite.)

And the journey has taught me a lot.

I found ways to use journaling to discover my heart's yearnings and to uncover a deep inner wisdom that has served me well. (Which is available to ALL of us, by the way.)

I consumed a bunch of books, articles, courses, TED Talks, podcasts — about topics from career development and time management to happiness and spirituality — trying to figure out the ingredients of a life I could feel good about.

Oh, and along the way I also earned a Ph.D. in psychology.

I did a little counseling and career coaching. I did a lot of consulting, helping leaders and teams work in ways that were both more effective and more fulfilling.

And more and more, I spent the last 15 years teaching and coaching on time management — a topic that feels pretty profound to me — all the while building and refining my own holistic model. 

(I call it my Soulful Time Management Framework.)

About 7 years ago I started teaching journaling too — and learning about it in more formal and intentional ways.

And then 4 years ago my learning and teaching expanded to include other forms of spiritual practice when I officially joined the faculty of the Innerwork Center (formerly Chrysalis Institute).

And today?

The guiding philosophy behind my life and my work is this:

Life is beautiful. Don't miss it.

And that's what I'm helping people discover how to do. (And what I'm continually discovering for myself too, because this is a journey, right?)

I teach soulful approaches to managing your time and life. 

Which also means, in a big way, managing yourself.

And so teaching about journaling as a tool for transformation is integrated into most of my offerings — because it's one of the best ways I know to connect with yourself and your inner wisdom, so you can help yourself move toward your dreams.

For more about my current offerings and the ideas behind them, keep reading!

I love what Elaine is putting out there. I have only just scratched the surface, but already she has changed my whole relationship to my own work life. This is huge and so cool.

Amanda O'Briant, nurse practitioner, midwife, & mom

About My Approach

Here are answers to some questions about what I offer...

Q:  What is soulful time management?

Too many time management experts seem to focus on productivity for its own sake. This approach is different.

It's about discerning what matters most to you and focusing on that. But equally importantly...

It's about the journey and not just the destination. It's about getting things done in a way that feels authentic and meaningful and — as much as possible — allows you to enjoy the many moments along the way that make up your life.

You can read more about this approach here.

Q:  What's this framework you teach?

The Soulful Time Management Framework is behind most of the programs I offer, whether explicitly or not. In it's simplest form, you can boil it down to four steps...


Manage YourSelf

  • Discover your unique qualities and how to work with them instead of against them.
  • Find time and space for self-care, even if you think it's not possible.
  • Sidestep procrastination and burnout by changing how you motivate yourself.


Manage Your Environment

  • Gain insights into the hidden ways your social and physical environments impact you.
  • Empower yourself with courage (and skills) to "change the things you can".
  • Create a nurturing workspace and other supports for operating at your best.


Manage Your Tasks

  • Simplify your life by focusing in on what matters most.
  • Gain the clarity and perspective that transforms chaos into joyful ease.
  • Discover simple tricks for streamlining how you operate so you can get a better return on your investments of time, energy, and attention.


Live Your Beautiful Life

  • Grow your wisdom and well-being with each passing day.
  • Invest your time, energy, and attention in ways that feel meaningful and enriching.
  • Ground yourself in a deep sense of worthiness and purpose as you go through life.

Q:  What programs do you offer?

My cornerstone offering is the Soulful Time Management Retreat. You can sign up to come attend in person here in Virginia. Or you can do it online instead...

Joybook life learning community is an affordable subscription-based online learning space and community to support you in creating and living your Beautiful Life. A self-guided version of the Soulful Time Management Retreat is available there — along with other online courses, journaling prompts, monthly live group coaching, and discussion and virtual coaching via the community forums.

I offer other workshops on a regular basis, including many journaling programs. Most of these are held in-person in Richmond, VA. But you can also bring me to your group if you like.

Q:  How can I get started?

A great way to get started for free is to join my email list. (You can use the form at the bottom of this page!) Right away you'll start receiving helpful resources such as my 5 Steps to Reducing Overwhelm PDF and journaling prompts.

As a subscriber, you'll also get updates about upcoming workshops and other offerings.

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(But if you want to make sure you get all the news — and occasional special insider offers — you'll definitely want to subscribe to my email list.)

I look forward to staying in touch — and hopefully seeing you soon at a program or inside Joybook!

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