Ask the right questions, and the right answers will appear. See yourself clearly, and your next steps become obvious.

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Assessment is like a compass that gets you headed in the right direction.

By giving you a fuller picture of your organization, your team, or even yourself as an individual, assessment results let you know your strengths and growth edges and can point you toward the actions you need to take next.

We offer essentially three types of assessments:

  • published tools for profiling individuals
  • published tools for profiling groups (your organization, your department, etc.)
  • custom assessments for addressing your organization’s specific questions and needs

For individuals, we have a wide variety of options to offer, including Personalysis (our favorite personality assessment), the Conflict Dynamics Profile, and a selection of other measures of strengths, styles, and preferences — including a few of our own original assessments which you can use for free.

Many of the above individual tools also offer optional team reports, which synthesize your group’s results so you can clearly see team strengths, challenges, and potential blind spots — and identify implications for action.

For getting perspective on your organization, most often what we use is a custom survey to address the specific question or challenge you are facing. However, we also offer other methods (e.g., focus groups) and instruments for assessing things such as organizational climate, culture, engagement, and attitudes.

For more information about the assessments we offer and what they can do for you, see the following pages: