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Personalysis-ProfilePersonalysis is our favorite personality profiling tool. Here’s why…

Unlike most personality assessments, Personalysis doesn’t assume we have only one style. It acknowledges that we are often different in different situations.

Specifically, Personalysis describes three positive and two negative drivers of behavior:

  • Instinctive Dimension (primary motivations and needs)
  • Socialized Dimension (expectations of self and others)
  • Rational Dimension (preferred style / enjoyable roles and activities)
  • Negative Socialized Dimension (defensive behavior)
  • Negative Instinctive Dimension (irrational behavior)

These five Dimensions are depicted via color-coded graphics that provide an easy to understand visual representation of your personality. With your personalized report, you also receive your Personalysis Colorgraph to display on your desk or bring to meetings; use it as an aid in managing yourself and communicating with your colleagues about how to work most effectively together.

We like to think of Personalysis as a sort of secret decoder ring. It helps you understand normally hidden drivers of behavior (yours and others’) and know how best to respond, adapt, and thrive. For instance: To promote cooperation, communication should match Socialized expectations. To build trust, Instinctive needs must be met. For engagement, roles and responsibilities should match the individual’s Rational style.

Personalysis can be used in a variety of ways to reach and maintain peak performance:

Individuals: Understand yourself so you can capitalize on your strengths and avoid behaviors that stymie your potential. Learn what you need in order to renew yourself and stay fully engaged. Identify blind spots and learn how to avoid related pitfalls. Plan for your career growth and identify roles in which you will thrive.

Team Members: Gain insight into one another and use the objective language of Personalysis to discuss team dynamics, individual differences, and strategies for maximizing team potential. Enhance the team’s ability to problem solve and navigate change. Assign team roles and responsibilities more strategically. Identify team blind spots and methods for avoiding related pitfalls. Improve team communication, trust, and conflict management.

Leaders: Understand how your style interacts with those of the people you manage. Learn what communication, delegation, and coaching techniques will work best to engage and develop the unique individuals you supervise. Know how to respond to counterproductive behaviors and help employees get quickly back on track. Use the objective language of Personalysis to articulate organizational culture and expectations.

Grounded in sound psychological theory and research, Personalysis has been used by career-minded individuals and Fortune 500 companies for over 35 years as a roadmap to improved personal, interpersonal, and group effectiveness. It is a tool developed, owned, and licensed by Personalysis Corporation. Our Principal Consultant, Dr. Elaine Kiziah, is a certified user and authorized distributor of Personalysis.

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