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12 Ways to Use Journaling for Transformation

By Elaine Kiziah, Ph.D.

I’ve been journaling for over 30 years. When I first started out, my journal was pretty one-dimensional — serving largely as an outlet for expressing and processing my reactions to life’s ups and downs.  But over time, journaling has become a sort of swiss army knife for me. I use it for so many different purposes, […]


16 Ways That Self-Worth Issues Are Killing Your Productivity

By Elaine Kiziah, Ph.D.

“Uh oh. He’s describing me.”

That was the thought that stopped me in my tracks recently as I was listening to a Sounds True podcast interview with Ed Espe Brown.

Brown — a Zen chef, teacher, and author — was sharing some of the personal stories behind his latest book, No Recipe: Cooking as Spiritual Practice.

And in that moment, he was talking about an insight that arose for him during a time in his career of pretty intense burnout…

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