One-On-One Coaching With Elaine

Get Support for Creating Your Beautiful Life...

To break through what's blocking you, sometimes you need one-on-one support. In private coaching, I'm here to listen deeply, to spot your full potential — and to partner with you to help you reach your goals.

Here are some of the things I've helped my clients achieve:

  • Eliminate overwhelm and reduce stress
  • Clarify what matters most to you — and create space for it in your life
  • Get better at saying "no" and setting limits
  • Get organized
  • Build confidence in your ability to get things done
  • Build a life and career that feels more authentic
  • Boost your happiness and sense of well-being
  • Enrich your spiritual life
  • Establish or deepen a journaling practice to help with any of the above goals

Together we can identify what is and isn't working for you — and help you articulate a vision for the Beautiful Life you yearn to lead. Then we'll use my exclusive life management framework to map out a path for managing yourself, your environment, and your tasks so you can live your Beautiful Life.

What others have said . . .

Elaine asks powerful questions that take you past your initial feelings and perceptions of a "problem" to a place where you can gain perspective. I leave each session calmer than I came in and armed with creative strategies to tackle career challenges and the ongoing quest for work-life balance. Her encouragement and confidence in me as well as her insights have been invaluable in my professional development.

Becky Lehman, Graduate Student & Nonprofit Professional

How to Get Started

Ready for coaching? Here are the first steps for getting started...

1.  First, get in touch and let me know a bit about why you're seeking coaching.

2.  If your needs and my coaching strengths are a match, I'll send you a short form to fill out that includes some reflection questions to help us both get further clarity on your needs and how I can be helpful to you.

3.  Once you've completed your form, we'll schedule time to chat! This phone call is a chance to talk about what coaching will look like for you, including the strategies and coaching package that I recommend for your particular circumstances. There's no charge for this initial 30-minute discovery call.

4.  At this point, if we both feel like it's a fit, we can schedule our first session. Coaching can be done by phone, via Zoom, or in person at my office here in Richmond, Virginia (or in yours for an additional fee).

I offer a variety of private coaching packages to meet different needs and budgets. However, if you are on a very limited budget, consider instead joining Joybook, my online life learning community, where you'll be able to access live group coaching along with digital courses, a supportive community, and other great resources.

I look forward to connecting with you!

What others have said . . .

Coaching with Elaine was the best decision of my working life! I have been able to streamline my life, keep on top of work, meet every deadline, and stay ahead of the unrelenting onslaught of responsibilities. I have even found the extra time to take care of myself. My ministry has improved noticeably.

Rebecca Trovalli, Senior Pastor, Richmond, VA

Read Rebecca's Story

Over the course of just four coaching sessions, Rebecca was able to achieve a huge transformation and start enjoying her work again. See more of what she had to say about her experience...

Before working with Elaine, I was constantly overwhelmed and behind.

I dreaded meetings and avoided communication with my boss. I was working week to week and falling further behind when any little thing popped up.

It made me sick to think about all I was letting slip between the cracks or willfully ignoring. Most of all, I was so disappointed in myself.

I was working my dream job, but failing miserably.

Through our coaching relationship, I gained insight into my procrastination triggers and how to conquer them. I received a plan for tackling all that was demanded of me while staying organized. I was taught how to maintain that plan through even the most stressful and busy seasons. I was given the tools I needed to get back on track when I inevitably fell off the wagon.

I have been able to use the strategies and tools to streamline my life, keep on top of work, meet every deadline, and stay ahead of the unrelenting onslaught of responsibilities.

My ministry has improved noticeably. I am prepared, on time, relaxed and confident in leading and teaching. I have taken on additional positions of leadership and have accomplished a few ministry dreams I've been carrying in the back of my mind for a decade because I have the extra hours in a week using Elaine's strategies.

I have even found the extra time to take care of myself. I recently managed to take time off and away without being overwhelmed upon my return for the first time in my career!

Working with Elaine was the best decision of my working life!

I was skeptical, I had worked with people who promised what Elaine offered before. I didn't expect anything she could offer would actually help me for more than a week. Just one session changed my mind and set me on a path to success.

Rebecca Trovalli

Senior Pastor, Richmond, VA

What others have said . . .

Just 30 minutes of coaching with Elaine and I felt a huge weight lift from my shoulders. I'm one step closer to living the life I want. 

Rachel Douglas, Executive Director, Innerwork Center

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