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Journaling How-To Guide: Transform yourself and your life through writing
Sep 14
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A Journaling Guide:

How to Transform Yourself & Your Life Through Writing

"That's the day my life started to change..."

I can flip open my journals, point to certain entries and say that about them.

And it's so true.

It's true that it started on that very page. The beginning of a beautiful new chapter in my life, or a beautiful new way of being. 

It started with my journaling.

I want you to be able to say that too, one day very soon.

And that's why I've created this guide.

Over the next several days, I'll outline here for you what I've learned about how to use journaling in a way that can transform you and your life.

I've learned these things through...

  • My own 35+ years of journaling
  • Formal study with organizations like the Therapeutic Writing Institute and Dialogue House
  • Reading books and articles on journaling and writing
  • Helping my coaching clients use journaling to further their goals
  • Leading monthly journaling workshops / group sessions for over 5 years

I've paid close attention to what does and doesn't work — for myself and others — and I've taken a lot of notes. 

And now I'm compiling the essentials here for you.

So if you are at all interested in using journaling to unlock your potential, bookmark this page! This will be the index and launch page for everything you need to know.

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Are you excited? Me too!

So let's get started...

Table of Contents

Here's what's coming. The links will go live as new pages are published...

  • 4
    Sample Journal Entries
  • Understand What Matters
  • Prepare for a Good Write
  • Open the Door to Yourself
  • check
    Change Your Perspective
  • check
    Look to the Past & The Future
  • 6
    Building Your Practice

This page is your jumping off point for all of my best information about how to use your journal for personal transformation.

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