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Joybook is a supportive online community and learning space. 

You'll find many of my popular programs inside as self-paced courses and workshops. Plus you'll get access to facilitated journaling and learning experiences you can't get anywhere else.

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Upcoming Workshops

One-Week Journaling Challenge

I really enjoy this challenge. It helps me feel grateful for the many positive activities and people that enrich my life, and recognize pathways for making my experiences even better. Thank you so much Elaine, for designing such a thoughtful experience for all of us.

— Lisa M.

January 2022

Free emails & online videos 

Do a soulful review of your past year and set yourself up for a better life in 2022.

The short daily prompts and videos in this challenge will help you uncover insights and wisdom from the past year — so you can discover unique-to-you ingredients for making beautiful things happen in your life in the coming year.

You'll also learn some of my top secrets about high-impact journaling and how to stay on track with your intentions as you move through the year.

Click the button above to learn more and see the topics you'll be covering in your journaling over the course of the challenge.

Soulful Time Management Online Mini-Retreat

I have tried for SO many years to reach the place your program has created for me. It was truly a life changing experience.

— Carol Maloney-Scott

January 29, 2022

Saturday — noon to 4pm EST, with bonus Q&A from 4-5pm

Online via Zoom

Life is beautiful. Don't miss it. Grab your journal and come listen to the wisdom of your inner self as you create a plan for starting the new year on a beautiful note.

This soulful yet practical session blends journaling, teaching, and group debriefs to help you accomplish the following:

  • Gain a new perspective on time management and the profound implications of how you invest your three fundamental personal resources
  • Reflect on and learn from your experiences over the past year
  • Articulate your personal definition of a “Beautiful Life”
  • Set goals/intentions for living your Beautiful Life in the coming months
  • Identify likely obstacles to your goals/intentions and develop strategies for removing them
  • Create a plan for making progress on your goals and following through on your intentions

This session is a shortened, online version of my popular Soulful Time Management Retreat.

"Let Your Soul Speak" Drop-In Journaling Group

Elaine's gentle prompts led to surprising insights and beautiful realizations. 

— Elizabeth S.

NOW ONLINE! — rsvp required

Upcoming Dates (1st Wednesdays)

February 2, 2022 — 7:00-8:30pm EST

April 6, 2022 — 7:00-8:30pm EDT

 — 7:00-8:30pm EDTJune 1, 2022

Come when you can for this donation-based journaling experience that I lead online via Zoom for The Innerwork Center in Richmond, VA. Sessions are typically the first Wednesday, every other month.

Each time we explore a different theme as we connect with our deepest selves in our journals — and experience an opportunity for (optional) spoken reflection afterward.

A variety of prompts, meditations, poetry, music and more will help take your journaling experience to the next level.

Bring Me To Your Group

I'm an award-winning trainer and seasoned facilitator with a passion for helping people find soulful solutions to everyday challenges. 

My workshops and retreats are engaging and practical experiences that make complex ideas easy to understand — and that allow you to walk away with concrete strategies and clear next steps — while also feeling renewed and inspired.

Here are just a few of the programs I offer. I'd be happy to work with you to customize them for your group...

Soulful Time Management Retreat

Are you living the Beautiful Life you were born for? In this 2-day retreat, you'll get clear on what that is, then set goals and intentions to bring it to life. You'll also be guided through a sequence of experiences for lining up strategies, tools, and practices that will help you stay aligned with your intentions and bring your vision to life. The weekend includes time in community as well as time alone to plan, reflect, and renew.

10 Strategies to Bring Your Vision to Life

The quality and substance of your life is determined by the choices you make every day about how you invest your time, energy, and attention. Learn strategies to ensure your daily choices align with what matters most to you — so you can reach your goals and bring your vision to life. Focusing on managing yourself and not just your time and tasks, these strategies sidestep the common reasons why people abandon or fall short of their goals.

Clinic on Personal Productivity

Regain control of your life and make more progress on the things that matter. This hands-on course shows you how by sharing tools and techniques for managing yourself, your environment, and your tasks. You'll do a comprehensive review of your current productivity system so you can identify improvements to address your unique needs. Bring your calendar and to-do list with you to make this most of this opportunity.

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