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Hello, friend! I'm Elaine. I teach journaling and other soulful approaches to managing your time and life — so you can enjoy the beautiful life you were born for.

Elaine's class was life changing for me. I knew I needed it, but I had no idea the ways in which it would help me think through so many aspects of my life.

Lawson W., nonprofit leader


Joybook Life Learning Community

Joybook is a supportive online community and learning space. Grab your journal, and come discover a soulful approach to managing your time and creating your Beautiful Life!

Is This You?

Do you recognize yourself in one or more of these types? If so, you're in the right place!


You’re juggling multiple roles, and you’re (mostly) keeping up with them all.

But things are moving so fast you feel like you’re missing much of what makes life beautiful.

Every once in a while, you catch yourself asking, “Is this all there is?”


You go through life saying “yes” too often for your own good.

You feel weighed down by your commitments, and by other things you “collect” too — papers, possessions, ideas, information. Life is feeling disorganized and chaotic.


Life is good, but you don’t want to stand still.

You love to learn and grow — in your career, your personal life, or both.

But you're craving a soulful approach that embraces your whole self, honoring your inner life and not just externals.


You long for a deeper sense of purpose.

You want to get clear on what matters most to you so your life can be an expression of that — and so you can bring more meaning and joy into every aspect of your day-to-day life.

Whatever your challenge, deep down you know there's another way of operating...

You know that the life you were meant to live has room for YOU in it.

Time and space to reconnect with your deepest self. To pursue your heartfelt passions. To enjoy the blessings of being alive. To live YOUR version of a beautiful life.

You CAN reclaim your beautiful life. Here's how...

Over the last 15 years, I've helped countless people change their lives...

  • Creating more time and space to savor life. (Jugglers)
  • Taming stress, chaos, and over-commitment. (Collectors)
  • Reaching new, more authentic levels of potential. (Developers)
  • Discovering deeper meaning and purpose. (Seekers)

And most importantly, I've shown them how to reconnect with themselves in a way that offers the wisdom and personal power they need in order to create the lives they want.

Learn more about me — and about the path I teach...

Elaine, you have impacted my life in a deep and meaningful way and I want to say thank you!! I had a lot to sort out after my divorce, and your retreat provided the space and tools for planning my next steps. I just became a homeowner again, and I know it was last year's retreat that made it possible!

Toni M., nonprofit leader

Ready to Dig In?

Let's do this...

Joybook life learning community

Now open to the public! Joybook is a supportive online community and learning space. Grab your journal, and come discover a soulful approach to managing your time and creating your beautiful life.

Workshops & Retreats

Join me for an upcoming program or retreat. Or hire me to bring one of my transformational workshops to your group.

Private Coaching

Whether you're feeling completely overwhelmed or just have the sense that there must be something more to life, I'm here to help. Coaching with me is a chance to get one-on-one support for creating the beautiful life that's been waiting for you.

Elaine's teachings were invaluable. She helped me create a healthy rhythm to my life.

Rachel Pierce, musician, worship leader, mentor

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