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Soulful Time Management Retreat

Coming again Post-Pandemic

(currently on haitus)

Due to the health crisis, there are no in-person retreats currently scheduled.

However, you can find a self-paced version of the retreat online inside Joybook, my life learning community.

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What others have said . . .

I have tried for SO many years to reach the place your program has created for me. It was truly a life changing experience. The value is simply priceless in terms of creating a beautiful life and getting unstuck.

Carol Maloney-Scott, career coachchick lit author

You'll walk away with...

✓ Deep clarity on what it means to live your beautiful life.

✓ Explicit goals and intentions that are anchored in what truly matters to you.

✓ Perspective on how you currently spend your time, energy, and attention — and what needs to change to bring your beautiful life into being.

✓ Self-compassionate (and science-based) strategies for releasing obstacles to your beautiful life — and for keeping yourself motivated to work towards your vision.

✓ A soulful plan for self-care that sidesteps guilt and "shoulds".

✓ Insight into how to use your productivity tools to keep yourself organized, clear, and on track with your goals and intentions.

✓ An understanding of your unique style and how to choose methods that fit you.

✓ Inspiring rituals, readings, and resources you can draw on going forward.

What others have said . . .

The co-mingling of the soulful and tactical was key for me. I literally walked out with a vision, themes, goals, and sub-projects; a map of daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly tasks; new morning and evening schedules which will support my goals; and a personal planning approach that sounds like it will be really fun and helpful. This was a great use of my time and money. My beautiful life is all mapped out for me so I can enjoy it!

Shannon Cribbs, project manager, Richmond, VA



9:00 — Check-In

10:00 — Welcome & Opening

10:45 — Looking Back

11:30 — Defining Your Beautiful Life

12:30 — Lunch

1:30 — Living Your Beautiful Life — Goals & Intentions

3:30 — Making Room for Your Goals

4:30 — 10 Strategies for Realizing Your Vision

6:00 — Break

6:30 — Dinner

7:30 — Letting Go of Obstacles — Reflection & Ritual

9:30 — Adjourn


8:00 — Breakfast

9:00 — Opening & Reflection

10:00 — Realizing Your Vision — Self-Care

11:00 — Realizing Your Vision — Routines

12:30 — Lunch

1:30 — Realizing Your Vision — Tools & Processes

3:00 — Next Steps & Closing

4:30 — Adjourn

DAY 3 (optional)

Optional self-guided retreat day for working with the tools and strategies from Days 1 & 2. Elaine will be on hand and available for consultation as needed.

What others have said . . .

My time with you was a Godsend... I arrived overwhelmed by the demands on my time. I left with a sense of purpose and real "tools" to allow me to define and live my Beautiful Life! Thank you, Elaine!!

Andrea Larkin, Richmond, VA

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